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Size: 2 oz (56.6 g)
KS Botanicals Natural Deodorants are packaged in zero waste compostable tubes.

A natural deodorant formulated for sensitive skin, free of aluminum, baking soda, clay and harsh chemicals (parabens and phthalates).

This deodorant contains natural coconut oil, cocoa butter, and lightweight skin loving oils to keep your skin soft and moisturized. KS Botanicals deodorant contains zinc ricinoleate (derived from castor oil) as the active ingredient, which is known for its odor-adsorbing properties. 

Formulated with skin-safe, phthalate/paraben free fragrances (may include a blend of natural essential oils and extracts). 

Bergamot & Amber scented with fresh notes of bergamot, lime, Earl Grey tea leaves, cucumber, beeswax, amber and musk.

Nectarine Blossom scented with succulent notes of nectarine, peach, and cassis with melting notes of acacia honey. 

Peony & Blush scented with luscious budding peonies intertwined with a floral heart of delicate jasmine, rose and gillyflower and blush suede.

To Use: Push-up from bottom of tube to raise product. Apply deodorant directly to underarms (only 2-3 swipes needed). Re-apply as needed. 

Ingredients: Fractionated Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Arrowroot Powder, Unrefined Beeswax, Rice Bran Oil, Cetyl Alcohol (fatty alcohol), Behentrimonium Methosulfate (derived from rapeseed oil), Zinc Ricinoleate (derived from castor oil), Kokum Butter, ProVitamin-B5, Fragrance*

New to natural deodorants? We are so glad you made the switch! 
Unlike traditional anti-perspirants that use aluminum salts to block your sweat glands, KS Botanicals Natural Deodorant works with your body's natural process, allowing your body to sweat while the zinc ricinoleate works to neutralize body odor, keeping you smelling fresh all day!

If this is your first time using a natural deodorant, allow your body some time to adjust to this new change. It may take 1-2 weeks for your body to naturally "detox" and remove the aluminum from your previous anti-perspirant/deodorant.   


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Colleen S.

Just like another reviewer of this product, I tried so many other deodorants with no luck. My skin was incredibly irritated by everything that I attempted, despite claims of being for sensitive skin, all natural, etc. I have been using this deodorant for a few weeks and I absolutely love it. The feel, the scent, and the packaging are all wonderful.

Best. Deodorant. Ever.

After having some reaction to a bunch of different deodorants, including some that were recommended by a dermatologist, I tried this deodorant and not a single issue! I am a pretty physical active guy but this keeps me smelling good all day. Not to mention the AMAZING available scents. KS needs to start making everything in the “Bergamot and Amber” scent because it smells better than any brand name cologne out there! I would highly recommend this for anyone who doesn’t want to use toxic chemicals on their underarms.

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